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Offer your office space during the work day to local remote workers to earn monthly income.

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You are in charge of your space, determining workday availability and hours. We integrate with your calendar to make the process seamless for you.

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"Working remote" too often means being alone and isolated -- or, conversely, being surrounded by interruptions, noise, and distractions. Not anymore. Gable transports a collaborative, safe, and productive worksite to your neighborhood. For an individual, it allows a place for quiet and productive work with a few others who are non-competitive, screened, and compatible. For workgroups, it enables a temporary, local space for collaboration, brainstorming, and co-working. For companies, it provides satellite offices where colleagues can work alongside fellow employees, sharing the spirit and amenities of their unique offices, with a commute that can be walked or biked with ease. Great stuff!
Steve McElfrish, founder of HR futures


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